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Many of the iFeatures (formerly Design Elements) were done in older releases of Inventor and may need to be migrated.
Some of the Sheet Metal iFeatures were created before the existence of Punch elements so consider adding placement points to the definitions

Louver Design Element for Sheetmetal.  File includes both the IDE and IPT it was derived from. Single surface pick, controlled by Length Width and Depth C. Bliss 220K wpe1.jpg (2111 bytes)
Louvre iFeature Sheetmetal Punch.  Includes both ipt and ide.  Like above but is a Punch and will work on both sides of a face (R8) CBliss 256K wpe3.jpg (2283 bytes)
Pressed Strengthening Rib Design Element for Sheetmetal.  File includes IDE and IPT.  Controlled by Length, Width and depth C. Bliss 192K wpe2.jpg (2109 bytes)
Sheet Metal rib around bend IDE. Insert on a plane normal to the surface.  Use activate sketch and set path lines colinear to edges and make path arc = to the inside bend radius C. Bliss 42K wpe1.jpg (1936 bytes)
Sheet Metal Corner Rib Design Element. Contains Placement Help (which must be read to succeed).  This is one of the more difficult Elements to place. C. Bliss 385K wpe2.jpg (2016 bytes)
Sheetmetal Oblong dimple controlled by inside length, width and depth.  File includes IDE and IPT. C. Bliss 135K wpe1.jpg (2986 bytes)
Edge Finger (as a punch).  Placement sketch point go on Sheet Metal Edge. Pay special attention to Angle on Placement. C. Bliss 296K wpe2.jpg (2454 bytes)
Lance Bridge (R7) for sheet metal, included source, can be used on both sides of sheet metal C.Bliss 173K wpe3.jpg (2049 bytes)
Corner Press down (R7) for sheet metal, source included, can be used on both sides, can be used as punch. C. Bliss 178K wpe3.jpg (1938 bytes)
Tapered Lance.  Will place on both sides but is size sensitive.  If it fails, adjust the sizes on placement. C.Bliss 252K wpe3.jpg (2345 bytes)
Raised Text and Numbers Design Elements.

Variable height and depth
Quinn Zander 1.6Meg wpe1.jpg (4057 bytes)
Cut Text and Numbers Design Elements.

Variable height and depth
Quinn Zander 1.4Meg wpe2.jpg (4226 bytes)
CE symbol as an iFeature sketch.  One varialble controls scale in millimeters. Cor de Vlaming 107K wpe1.jpg (2327 bytes)
Ground Symbol Punch (R10) N.C. Hammer 78K wpe3.jpg (2482 bytes)
ISO KF-NW Flanges, Table Driven, includes both IDE and iPart which can be used for inseperable assemblies (R10) CBliss 231K wpe3.jpg (2298 bytes)
ANSI Outside (shaft) Thread form, Table Driven, #0 to 4", 376 forms to choose from (R11) CBliss 174K wpe5.jpg (3250 bytes)
ACME Outside (shaft) Thread form (R11) CBliss 214K wpe3.jpg (2593 bytes)
Female Pipe Thread Design Elements Kevin Guzniczak 1.2Meg wpe1.jpg (2585 bytes)
The long awaited table driven NPT threaded hole with lots of options. 24 sizes from 1/16"-27 to 24"-8  (R9) Edward Golubovsky 259K wpe3.jpg (2166 bytes)
BSP Table driven iFeature, 11 sizes, 1/8 to 3 Rob Thomas 131K wpe3.jpg (3004 bytes)
NPT & NPTF Ports, various sizes Larry Caldwell 1.1M wpe2.jpg (2829 bytes)
SAE Ports Larry Caldwell 2.8M wpe3.jpg (2740 bytes)
SUN Cavities / Ports Larry Caldwell 530K wpe4.jpg (3207 bytes)
Port Cavity 08 Series, three variations, (R10) includes source models Don E. Sebesta 627K wpe3.jpg (1916 bytes)
Pipe / Conduit Knockouts from 1/2" Pipe to 2" Pipe.  Pick size from List of diameters. C Bliss 33K wpe5.jpg (2748 bytes)
Knock In as used in England and Europe Andy Marshall 110K wpe2.jpg (1894 bytes)
Dimple and Hole Andy Marshall 241K wpe3.jpg (2008 bytes)
Light Switch Knockout C Bliss 39K wpe4.jpg (1705 bytes)
Duplex Recepticle Knockout C Bliss 52K wpe2.jpg (2315 bytes)
Other than Union Socket 22258-1, I have no idea what this is used for (R11) C.Bliss 177K wpe3.jpg (2078 bytes)
Cutout for Kulka Socket #584 & 585 and 530-1 & 530-2 (R11) C.Bliss 87K wpe5.jpg (1995 bytes)
Eagle Socket#4734-2 (R11) C.Bliss 103K wpe6.jpg (2736 bytes)
Pair of Table Driven DSub "punches".   They must be placed as Part iFeatures because Inventor doesn't support table driven punches.  Includes Front and Rear versions. C.Bliss 343K wpe3.jpg (2190 bytes)
Rectangular Dimple for Sheet Metal, (R10) Dave Hoder 225K wpe3.jpg (2193 bytes)
Parabolic Sketch (R7) use as base of reflectors etc.  Parameters control focus and OD C Bliss 49K wpe3.jpg (2615 bytes)
Sine Wave Sketch, Use for CAM profiles or whatever.  Parameter controls diameter (R7) C Bliss 75K wpe4.jpg (1612 bytes)



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