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This page contains parts submitted by Inventor users.   Generally speaking, these parts should be used as the basis for new parts.   Over time, it may be expanded to include finished parts.  If you have parts which you would like to submit contact Charles Bliss.   It is the goal of this site to provide free content.  No guarantees are made about the validity of any parts posted here. 

Many of the parts posted have the end of part marker moved to the top and are zipped.  These are usually signified by the DNA symbol in the column next to the thumbnail.  For more information on why we do this just click on one of the DNA images.

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Description Driven By Posted by Size Thumbnail
Jill, Just about 5' tall, fully atticulated hands NA CBliss 1.4M wpe4.jpg (1524 bytes)
Model of a man, imported from SolidWorks and reconstrained, about 6' tall NA anonymous 1.5M wpe5.jpg (1430 bytes)
Wood Man, about 6' tall NA Walt Jaquith 700K wpe6.jpg (1285 bytes)
iMike, Excel driven to a variety of sizes. Excel Michael V. Ficarra 3M wpe2.jpg (1740 bytes)
Ruler, 12" NA CBliss 155K
wpe2.jpg (1623 bytes)
wpe8.jpg (2491 bytes)
Ruler, 380 mm NA Rob Reed 202K
wpe2.jpg (1623 bytes)
wpe8.jpg (2583 bytes)
Starrett Dividers and Granite Block NA Quinn Zander 660K wpe1.jpg (2267 bytes)
Assembly of a De-Staco Clamp, can be driven open and closed NA Rich Harrod 814K wpe4.jpg (3117 bytes)
Assembly of a De-Staco Clamp 351 NA Tom Morness 841K wpe8.jpg (2244 bytes)
Assembly of a De-Staco 602 Clamp NA Gerald Johnson 620K wpe8.jpg (2214 bytes)
Assembly of a De-Staco 640 Clamp NA Gerald Johnson 681K wpeA.jpg (2349 bytes)
Ashcroft Guage 1279LC NA Mike Maxwell 106K
wpe2.jpg (1623 bytes)
wpe4.jpg (2560 bytes)
Flanged Sheet Metal Box with Flanges pointing towards inside.  Use as the basis for similar boxes. Paramaters C Bliss 74K wpe4.jpg (2744 bytes)
XL Timing Pulley, change values in the embedded spread sheet. Pitch, Face Width, Bore.  Flanges may be suppressed easily. Excel C Bliss 81K wpe2.jpg (2387 bytes)
XL Belt, Embedded spread sheet has paramters for each pully and the belt length expressed as numbers of teeth Excel C Bliss 70K wpe4.jpg (2507 bytes)
Spur Gear, Allows different pressure angles, pitches, teeth, bore and face width.  This is a close approximation, do not cut gears from it. Excel C Bliss

(based on model by Kevin Schneider)

67K wpe2.jpg (2291 bytes)
Internal Gear: Same as above Excel C Bliss 63K wpe1.jpg (2925 bytes)
Sprocket Excel Sean Dotson 85K wpe1.jpg (2547 bytes)
As above but many more sizes, from series 20 to 240,  (R11) Excel edits by Ole Grimer 99K wpe3.jpg (2151 bytes)
Roller Chain, Really hairy math.  Try to break it and let us know. Avoid using too small of a sprocket. Excel Sean Dotson & CBliss 210K wpe2.jpg (2214 bytes)
Open, Un Sheilded Ball Bearing, 200 and 300 series, Select size from list.  Ball size and quantity are approximations, all other dimensions are book value Excel C. Bliss 69K wpe2.jpg (2879 bytes)
C Channel, Lookup Table driven, Sizes in form C 4 x 5.4.  Weights calculate to within 1% Excel C. Bliss 46K wpe1.jpg (1756 bytes)
Rectangular & Square Tube Excel C. Bliss 40K wpe1.jpg (1707 bytes)
Simple Angle Iron, driven by named dimensions.   Adaptive Dimensions C. Bliss 34K wpe2.jpg (1742 bytes)
Wide Flange Beams, Adaptive. Includes extra weld flanges (supressed). Lookup Table driven from W4x13 to W27x178
(updated 3/17/02)
Excel C. Bliss 100K wpe1.jpg (1805 bytes)
DIN EN10219-2 Rectangular Tube, Adaptive, 165 sizes from 40x20x2 to 400x300x16 Excel Eddy Alleman
53K wpe4.jpg (1849 bytes)
McMaster Carr Piano Hinge Assembly Tom Cross 173K wpe6.jpg (2347 bytes)
Open Top 55 Gallon Drum Part Rich Lee 75K
wpe2.jpg (1623 bytes)
wpe8.jpg (2680 bytes)
Shpping Containers, 20', 40' and 40' High Style.   These are full assemblies sharing common parts. Assembly Rob Perkovich 3.9M wpe2.jpg (2652 bytes)
42x42 Pallet, (R10) Assembly Kendred Cooper 245K wpe4.jpg (3082 bytes)
Pelican 1550 Case Assembly Brent Barbour 829K
wpe2.jpg (1623 bytes)
wpe3.jpg (2254 bytes)



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